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On The Move : From the Wheel to Spacecraft

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Product Description:

ISBN: 9781910684900
Format: Paperback
Author: Matt Turner 
Publisher: Hungry Tomato
Published Date: 22 Jun 2017 


On the Move From the Wheel to Spacecraft: charts the impact of the wheel around 3500 BCE. Life was never the same again whether you were driving a chariot, a carriage, a Model T Ford or riding a bicycle, of course. On water, we move from dug-out canoes to ships, submarines and hovercraft. Rail encapsulates the first steam, electric and underground locos, and flight includes the earliest Chinese inventions to the Wright brothers story and beyond. Space exploration covers the evolution of rocket power and space travel, with such spinoffs from space research as freeze-dried food and exercise machines. Incredible Inventions takes a lively, sweeping look at some of the most important light-bulb moments in history. You ll see how one idea often led to another, and revealed something new and exciting about our world. The four books provide a road map of inventions, divided along the lines of optics; movement; communications; and agriculture/industry. Dotted throughout are inventors hilarious flops and oddities, too. Feeling brave? How about a ride in an aerial steam carriage!


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