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How to Not Be a Dick : And Other Essential Truths about Work, Sex, Love--And Everything Else That Matters

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Product Description:

ISBN: 9780062871824
Format: Paperback
Author: Brother 
Publisher: William Morrow & Company 
Published Date: 07 May 2019 


In this full-color, illustrated guide, the wildly popular lifestyle brand Brother offers the definitive handbook to navigating life and becoming a somewhat respectable human beingLife can be complicated. From the classroom to the bedroom, the office to the DM, we could all use a little guidance--young guys especially. No one actually wants to be dick, but from time to time, everyone is. How do we know? Because we at Brother have spent years studying dickishness in all its forms, and we're finally ready to present our findings, including:

-The terrible people you should avoid at all costs

-How to make more money (without working all that hard)

-The dos and don'ts of sex

-How to not be a dick at the gym

-Acceptable coping mechanisms for adults

-How to get your sh*t together in 10 steps

And so much more. Don't worry, there are plenty of illustrations, too.


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